Well let me start by saying that I’m sure our toilet training will be no different to all others. Pee, Peeeee, Poo, Pee and more Poo. All over the floor. All over the toilet. Lots of soiled undies. And lots of false runs to the toilets. Then throw in a few tantrums because he wants to give up.

Does that sound familiar?

I’ve heard lots of positive feedback from people using the “intensive” method – set aside a few days and go “cold turkey” of the nappies and into undies. So that’s what we’re doing. Lots of liquid. Lots of accidents, but he’s getting the idea (so far!).

Lucky for me, hubby is “Mr Toilet Trainer”. I’m tired, so I delegated 🙂  It also seemed more practical for hubby to be the primary person as B2 is only 5 months old, so still requiring breastfeeding and lots of attention throughout the day and cannot just be “dropped” to do runs to the toilet when necessary. (Yay for me! LOL)

So how did Day One go?
The first hour had no accidents.
Then came 2 huge puddles in half an hour.
A few more runs that were half on the floor, and a little trickle in the toilet.
After lunch he had a dry nappy during nap time (yay!)
Followed by a big wee in the toilet straight after nap.
4 false attempts at poos within 20minutes….
A big accident in the yard
And then another false attempt at poos 🙂

Bring on Day Two! 🙂

Lots of Undies!