My 5.5kg Hoover

I’ve been struggling a lot to keep up with the washing – I do a load nearly everyday and sometimes more. We are a family of 4, toilet training, with a 5.5kg washing machine. Hubby suggested maybe we need to get a bigger washing machine, so I started having a look around to see what the options were.


I’ve been thinking about it a bit recently as I do my research on machines, and I thought about updating my facebook status to “a 5.5kg washing machine doesn’t seem big enough for a family!”. But I stopped and had a think about this.


At least I HAVE a washing machine! How many times have you seen the image on TV or on a World Vision/Compassion brochure of women and/or children washing their clothes by hand in dirty river water. Not even close to having a washing machine that does it for you with clean water!


Even in Australia where I live, there are people in apartment buildings with communual washing machines, or those without machines at all who have to lug their clothes, sheets, towels etc. down to a laundry mat in order to wash their clothes. Or next level again, those on the street who don’t have clothes to wash even if they had money to go to a laundry mat to wash their clothes.


How blessed am I!?!? Not only do I have a washing machine, I have a laundry to put it in too!! How easy it is to become complacent over the things we have.