I love freebies. I love entering competitions. I dislike seeing those 5 words “In 25 words or less…”


Why? Because I’m really no good at them! 🙂


So, I thought it woul be fun to pick some random topics to write some “in 25 words or less” answers as a practice! And I’d love to see some of your answers, as I’m sure many of you can come up with far more creative answers than me.

I recently entered a comp where they asked something along the lines of “What is your best weightloss/exercise tip?”. Can’t remember what I wrote, but here’s another few tries:


To get in the groove to get on the move
Grab a friend who’ll kick your butt til you improve.

If you want to lose weight
Set a start date
Eat healthy food
On a much smaller plate

I’d love to be inspired by your creativity 🙂