Goal 9 ) Plant my veggie patch – CHECK!

My husband absolutely LOVES his vegetables (NOT!).
His absolute favourite is Zucchini (NOT!).

So what better way to be a lovely, devoted, supportive wife than to plant his absolute favourite vegetable in the garden, so we can have it in abundant supply!

Not only will we have copious amounts of Zucchini, but we shall have some of dear Zucchini’s closest cousin, Miss Squash! mmmm… yummm…

Ok, so many my husband isn’t super-excited about the vegetables that will come from our newly-planted vegetable patch, but I am. I LOVE Zucchini Slice, and freshy steamed squash. I have been known to eat the squash puree that I make for my babies. Not a bad mum at all, stealing food from a baby 😀

What vegetables do you have in your veggie patch, and what do you cook with them?