OK, the new computer is set up and working, but not without the typical box mess that comes from putting together. The image below will show you some of the mess the living room was in due to large cardboard boxes holding small computer parts. (My graphics card box was about half a meter long!)

The old computer (the one with the busted caps) also got an upgrade and has now been donned “Hayley’s Poota”. The image below has been put in a ThermalTake X-View, which lights up on sound…

One of my favourite songs has lyrics that go like this..

I want to make, much of you Jesus.
I wanna make much of you Lord.
I wanna live today, to give you the praise that you are so worthy of.
I wanna make much of Your mercy.
I wanna make much of You cross.
I give you my life,
take it and let it be used to make much of You.
 – Steven Curtis Chapman

This is such a fantastic song, Ohh, how I want to make much of Jesus, but ohh how hard it becomes when I am too consumed with myself. How can we get real and DO this ??