To B1, B2 and Bubba Girl,


My dear little munchkins, I love you all very much. It is because of this overwhelming love for you that I must inform you that your mummy is an Introvert. It’s not something to ashamed of or something to hide, it’s rather a type of superhero, just like my fellow superhero, the Extroverted Mummy.


You see, all mummies have special powers. A mummy can magically pull whatever is needed out of our ‘mum bag’, be it a toy, food, spare clothes, medical equipment or “that thing” you picked up from “that place”. A mummy has the strength to pull apart two tiny Lego pieces with just her bare fingers. A mummy can juggle cooking dinner, helping with homework, putting away folding, answering the phone, checking facebook and entertaining a toddler all at once whilst holding a screaming/crying/feeding baby.


But like Superman, this superhero has her kryptonite. Introverted Mummy loses her special powers after a long exposure to people (the opposite of Extroverted Mummy, who gains her superpowers by being around people).


Thankfully Introvert Mummy has a special forcefield, called “a mother’s love”, which surrounds me daily. This forcefield slows down the rate at which my superpowers are drained when I’m interacting with members of our special family (aka YOU). As the day progresses my forcefield can wear down and the banter of our household can deplete the superpowers of Introvert Mummy just like other social situations.


When Introvert Mummy’s superpowers are low, it is imperative they be replenished so that I can continue to battle for our family. Mummy can recharge her superpowers on her own by going for a walk, reading my Bible or escaping in a book, having a shower (without an audience), listening to a sermon/music or even simply doing work around the house on my own.


Because you are so important to Introvert Mummy, there are also special ways you can help to recharge my superpowers. You can sit and have quiet cuddles with mummy, play cooperatively with each other or each play quietly on your own, and this will help Introvert Mummy’s superpowers to recharge and her forcefield to replenish.


Please do not misunderstand me. I adore hearing about your Lego creations and the ‘spaceship’ we have made in the loungeroom. I love that you are curious and want to know how trucks are made, how solar panels work and what happens to solar panels if it snows. I’m thrilled that you enjoy singing praise songs to God, over and over and over again, and want to confirm with me the correct words and what they mean. However, when my forcefield is down and my superpowers are low, my brain gets so tired that I struggle to listen and so scattered that I cannot think straight. It is not because I don’t love you or you are not important to me, but because my special powers are low and need recharging.


I do my best to keep my forcefield intact and my superpowers full so that I can enjoy each day with you, however please understand when mummy needs to be put in “time out”.


Love from Mummy

aka Introvert Mummy

A member of Superheroes Anonymous