If you haven’t heard all of my graphic (tech drawing) teachers that I had always told me to get a 6h pencil. It has been a year and I still can’t find one. Today one of the kids put his hand up and said sir I can’t find a 6h pencil because the people in the shop told him they don’t exist. I was like yeah you tell him. The teacher goes they exist and then he pulled out a 6h pencil. I was like wow. Every time I go shopping I look for the 6h pencils.
So when I got home and mum and Wendy went shopping I rang them up to tell them to look for a 6h pencil. Wendy rang back saying that she had found them. You should have seen the smile on my face because I couldn’t see past my cheeks. I was waiting for them to come back with my 6h pencil. They came home and I go mum where is it, where is it. I open the bag and I look at the number it said 5h I was like nooooooooooo. Well it is one step closer to the 6h. I have had the 2h and the 3h for about 6 months then the 4h for another 6 months. Now the 5h. How about I use the 2h and the 4h together of course that won’t work. I’ve tried. Ill tell you what would be a great present would be a 6h pencil not a 5 and a half h.

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I found them (if it’s on the net it must be true right)

The Bible is something that is most definitely true it’s not something like you would find on the net. It all interlocks with history. It’s Gods word.

Its funny how we angry over the little thing and happy of the most little of things.