What goes through your mind when you wake up on a Monday morning? What about as you get dressed and ready for the day? Or as you begin your work duties, whether thats getting kids ready for school or going into the office?


In my little world, I reckon that Monday Mornings can be seen one of two ways – the wonderful beginning of a new week with so much potential ahead, or the start of yet another struggle that will tediously go on ‘forever’ (it’s really only four more sleeps until it’s Friday!).


I’d like to think that when a Monday morning comes around, I’d choose that former – the wonderful beginning of a week filled with potential.


I’ve been thinking on this for a while now, often using my Monday Mornings as a peaceful time to ‘regroup’ from the chaotic weekend and prepare for a busy week, and trying to be optimistic and hopefully about all that will be occur in the week.


As such, I’ve decided to start a new theme of posts, titled “Monday Morning Motivation”. It will be a place where we can all hopefully be inspired in some way for the coming week, so that our thoughts on a Monday Morning are focused on all the potential that lies ahead, rather than counting down the number of days before the next weekend rolls around (though isn’t that tempting sometimes!).


I’ll share some of my thinkings on motivation, goals, ways I get motivated or things that inspire me. I’d also love for some of YOU to share your thoughts on motivation and or what motivates you. It can be “deep”, “light” or humorous, lots of words like this or just a short inspiring quote or picture that resonates with you. If you’d like to contribute, please email me with your idea – I’d love to hear from you! 🙂


I’ll aim to have each week’s post scheduled to be online by 5am on a Monday Morning, so it will be ready when just about everyone is ready for some motivation to start the day! (If your tiny human wakes you prior to 5am I’m sorry but you’ll have to skim over the previous week’s post to get your through until 5am!)


So I’ll see you next Monday Morning – don’t forget to bring your cuppa! 🙂