How do you dress when you’re feeling good about yourself? Now what about when you’re feeling unmotivated? Is there a difference?


Think about how your clothes make you feel.

Do certain clothes make you feel like crawling back into bed?

What do you wear when you’re most productive?

What clothes do you feel most confident in?


Over time I’ve found that if I’m feeling a bit unmotivated one day and put on my favourite trackpants and an over-sized hoodie jumper, I’m a lot less likely to be productive and more likely to Facebook waste time and eat lots of Twisties not look after myself . By putting on those clothes, I’m virtually telling myself what day I’m going to have – a day where I drag myself around the house from one thing to the next, but not really achieving much and would rather be on the couch. This is okay if that’s what you’ve got planned… but if you want to be productive… why not dress for the day you WANT to have?



If first thing in the morning (or as soon as I drag myself around to it) I put on exercise clothes, including my socks & sports shoes, I’m far more likely to:

1) eat healthy,

2) do some exercise

3) be more productive with housework, errands (& blogging…)

4) spend more time playing with the kids

5) feel like I have more energy.


It helps me feel like I’m ready to conquer anything. Sound crazy? I’m getting dressed to be active, so that’s what I’m telling my brain I’m going to do. I’m physically and mentally getting prepared to the point where it almost comes naturally to do it.

See? There’s me ready to take on the dishes world.


I also apply this to different situations and types of clothes.


If I’m unsure about an event I’m attending or I don’t know many people, then dress in an outfit that makes me feel comfortable and confident.


If I’m not looking forward to going somewhere, I’ll battle between wearing the above trackie option or dressing up to lift my mood. By dressing nicely, taking the time to put earings and a necklace on, I’m both physically and mentally telling myself that it’s worth dressing up for and going to be a nice time, and am more likely to be in the headspace to actually enjoy myself.


So think about what is on your to-do list for today and what you’re trying to motivate yourself to achieve.


Dress for the day you WANT to have! Off you go…


Whilst many times I find dressing the part can work just to give me the ‘lift’ that I need, there are some days though where no matter how hard you push yourself you are just going to be too tired or too sick to be Wonder Woman or Mummy of the Year.  That’s okay. Pop over and read this post I wrote a while back when I was in a similar place. *hugs*


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