Yesterday morning, I woke up at 7am. The house was quiet. I got up and had a shower. I got dressed. I walked out to the living room. I sat down. In silence.


At 7:15, my 3yo (B1) appears and with a puzzled look on his face says, “Mummy, why were you up before me??”, as if it’s never happened before. In fact, I cannot remember the last time this happened in our house. What usually happens? I’m glad you asked. There are several scenarios:


The Slam-Door Scenario

B1 wakes up and as he leaves his room he closes the door. Really loudly. This wakes B2, whom he shares a room with. B1 goes to the toilet. B2 cries for his breastfeed. Mummy is now awake.


The Milk-Bar Scenario

B2 wakes up, he’s hungry and wants his breastfeed. He cries. His crying wakes B1. B1 goes to the toilet, then searches out mummy for his warm milk (‘milkshake’). Mummy is now awake to 2 boys wanting their respective milk beverages, which cannot easily be made simultaneously. *Sometimes hubby/ housemate are home/awake to get B1’s milkshake. These days I just feed B2.


The I’m-Drowning-In-My-Pee Scenario

B1 wets his bed. B1 screams from his bed, “Mum, Mum, Muuuuuummm, Mum, MMMUUUMMMMMM…” etc. Meanwhile B2 wakes up, and starts screaming for his breastfeed. Mummy is now awake. On days when hubby is home we divide-and-conquer. On days when he isn’t like happened 2 days ago mummy gets still-quite-distressed B1 to the toilet and then baths/dresses him whilst B2 screams down the house  (or B1 is put in the bath and B2 is fed in the bathroom). Fun, fun.


The Monster Scenario

B1 has a nightmare. He speaks loudly in his sleep. He wakes housemate. Housemate opens door to go in and comfort B1. Light from open door wakes B2. B2 screams. Mummy is now awake. B1 is fast asleep again, whilst B2 will not settle and keeps mummy and housemate and sometimes hubby awake. And B1 is still sleeping.   *Instead of getting up, sometimes the ‘elbow’ principle can be used here


The Freaky-Stalker Scenario

B1 wakes and quietly comes out of his room. He comes into master bedroom, and stands there and waits. His puts his head right up to mummy’s face. “Mummy, may I please have my milkshake? Mummy, mummy… Milkshake…” Mummy is now awake.  *Somedays the “daddy, daddy’ version happens to hubby too, and I’m we’re trying to encourage this 🙂


The Elbow Scenario

Hubby’s alarm clock goes off. Mummy is now awake. Hubby is still asleep. Mummy elbows still-sleeping-hubby, “Oi, wake up”. Elbows again. “Oi, turn it off”. Mummy is now very awake, but rolls over and attempts to go back to sleep. This scenario is then followed by another of the listed scenarios.


The Oops-I-Did-It-Again Scenario

Housemate wakes up in the night. Accidently wakes one of the kids. Kid screams. Other kid wakes. Other kid screams. Mummy is now awake. Mummy walks out to settle the kids. Mummy see’s housemate who smiles sheepishly and says, “Wasn’t me…”. Mummy smiles. *Instead of getting up, sometimes the ‘elbow’ principle can be used here


The Sleepy-Head scenario

Any of the above scenario’s play out and Mummy breastfeeds B2. After this B2 goes into the playpen, B1 is supervised by hubby,housemate or a dvd, and mummy crawls back into bed. And rolls over. And goes back to sleep. Kids scream. Mummy is now awake. Again.




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